Put down that paint brush! How to dress up your rental without putting your damage deposit in danger

photograph of wall with bad faux finish

Faux is not your friend!

If you’re renting your home or apartment, chances are the walls have been painted a boring beige or something similar. The landlord has a reason for this: it’s much easier to rent a unit (home, apartment, duplex, condo) if the walls are a light, neutral colour. It matches basically every colour of furniture, blends with every wood tone, and is usually less expensive paint. Light colours also tend to make the rooms seem larger.

There’s also a very good reason the landlord doesn’t want tenants changing the paint colour(s) without their permission. There’s a big difference in cost if they have to pay a professional to add one new coat of the same beige over top of the existing paint to freshen up the unit in between tenants, than if they have to pay to have a primer and 2 coats painted over the navy blue you insisted on putting on yourself in the living room, dining room and kitchen.

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