food bank donation

Anyone that’s ever moved residences knows that packing is a pain, and no one looks forward to endless lists, categorizing, organizing, etc.
There are boxes upon boxes and—if you’re like most people—even more boxes from the previous move that you haven’t even opened. (Reason enough to never, ever label a moving box as “Misc”!)
In order to lighten up on the packing and have a few less boxes to carry to your new abode, why not box up and donate any of your unused items to the local not-for-profit thrift store? Also, do you have non-perishable food items you don’t want to pack? Did you consider dropping them off to the local food bank? These places don’t run without the help and support of the local community, and any donation you provide—even if it’s only a few items—makes a difference.
At the least it’ll be one less box you’ll have to move. Most likely it will end up being a small but satisfying donation to a community organization that will really appreciate it!