Finally saying goodbye to your landlord? Not so fast, first-time homebuyer!

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You’ve scrimped and saved and finally, finally, you have enough to buy your first home. You won’t have to ask anyone if you can paint the walls (you can use any colour you want), or change the flooring (no more … Continue reading

Preventing “He Said/She Said” When the (Rental) Relationship Is Over

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It’s an exciting day! Finally—after spending hours updating and prepping your investment property; placing, monitoring and answering your ads; and slogging through and pre-screening dozens of applications—you’ve selected one and are handing over the keys to your rental unit. What’s … Continue reading

Put down that paint brush! How to dress up your rental without putting your damage deposit in danger

photograph of wall with bad faux finish

Faux is not your friend! If you’re renting your home or apartment, chances are the walls have been painted a boring beige or something similar. The landlord has a reason for this: it’s much easier to rent a unit (home, … Continue reading