How to Keep Fall Pests Out of Your Investment Property

When nighttime temperatures start turning a bit cooler, it’s not only “perfect sleeping weather”, it’s also a signal to all kinds of outdoor critters that it’s time to head indoors. Just like people, insects and vermin like a warm, secure place to live in the winter, especially one that has a good food supply.

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Do you REALLY support your local community? Walk the walk!

dust pan

Imagine that you’re sitting at your desk at your executive 9-5 position, working on a spreadsheet, when your boss comes by and asks if you would mind making a fresh pot of coffee.

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Skiing! Sledding! Sump Pumping?

Sump Pump and Basement Flood

Enjoy the Winter But Get Ready for Spring: Why Record-Breaking Snowfalls Now Mean Big Problems LateR


Those of us in the U.S. and Canada haven’t even celebrated Valentine’s Day with our loved ones yet, but make no mistake – it’s not too early to start planning for Spring thaw. Since many parts of North America have received record snowfalls this winter, the Spring will surely bring record-breaking flooding, too.

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Homesellers: You thought an Open House was used to showcase and sell your home, right? Wrong!

Open House graphic

(Disclaimers: The owner/president of RPM Inc. is a licensed REALTOR® in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Also, this article is not meant to represent all locations and all other REALTORS®. This discussion is relative to the North American real estate market in general, and PEI is no exception. Your mileage may vary.)

Want to hear the truth? Here it is:

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Moving? Lighten Your Load While Supporting Your Community

food bank donation

Anyone that’s ever moved residences knows that packing is a pain, and no one looks forward to endless lists, categorizing, organizing, etc.
There are boxes upon boxes and—if you’re like most people—even more boxes from the previous move that you haven’t even opened. (Reason enough to never, ever label a moving box as “Misc”!)
In order to lighten up on the packing and have a few less boxes to carry to your new abode, why not box up and donate any of your unused items to the local not-for-profit thrift store? Also, do you have non-perishable food items you don’t want to pack? Did you consider dropping them off to the local food bank? These places don’t run without the help and support of the local community, and any donation you provide—even if it’s only a few items—makes a difference.
At the least it’ll be one less box you’ll have to move. Most likely it will end up being a small but satisfying donation to a community organization that will really appreciate it!

Finally saying goodbye to your landlord? Not so fast, first-time homebuyer!

champagne cork popping

You’ve scrimped and saved and finally, finally, you have enough to buy your first home.

You won’t have to ask anyone if you can paint the walls (you can use any colour you want), or change the flooring (no more peel-n-stick tiles), or put a modern vanity light in the bathroom (goodbye ’80s!) or…the list goes on.

You have a hefty downpayment, enough set aside for the title report, attorney’s fees, insurance, even groceries. You have everything covered.

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Preventing “He Said/She Said” When the (Rental) Relationship Is Over

photo inside of clean oven

It’s an exciting day! Finally—after spending hours updating and prepping your investment property; placing, monitoring and answering your ads; and slogging through and pre-screening dozens of applications—you’ve selected one and are handing over the keys to your rental unit.

What’s the one thing you and your tenant should be doing together now to prevent that awkward (and often litigious) moment later when you discuss the return of the damage deposit?

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Ditch the drama and avoid the exhaustion of moving day

photograph of cat in moving box on moving day labeled "fragile"

“Flexible” has become the new corporate buzzword, but flexibility can benefit your personal life, too. The key to starting a new lease with less worry, stress and aggravation is flexibility. If you’re looking for a new place to rent and are planning on moving locally, try to arrange for a flexible move-in date (a few days early), or start your new lease in the middle of the month instead of on the first day of the month.

Many landlords and property managers will let a new tenant take possession of a unit a few days early, as long as the first month’s rent and damage deposit have been paid and renter’s insurance is in effect.

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Doing this one simple thing may save someone’s life in the future

warning sign reading "danger electrocution risk"

Stop what you’re doing, take the short walk to your home’s utility room and familiarize yourself with where your home’s main power shutoff is on your circuit breaker panel. Knowing—ahead of time—where this shutoff is located can save minutes of scrambling and can literally mean the difference between life and death if someone is being electrocuted in your home. (Expert consensus says NOT to touch the person being electrocuted, as the current will pass to you—shut off the source of the power first, then get help for the injured person.)

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