We are firm believers in transparency, which is why we post our fees right on our website for your convenience.

Whether you’re “from away” or from PEI, our rates are the same, no matter your zip code, postal code or area code.

Please note: we don’t offer “a la carte” services (such as “just tenant placement” or “just cleaning” or “just landscaping and rent collection”) – these services are provided within our comprehensive management of your property.

Please note all fees are plus HST.

1/2 month rent for managed properties.

7% per month of the collected monthly rent.

Nominal 15% surcharge.

$50.00 per site visit in the Charlottetown, Stratford, Cornwall areas – all other areas please inquire. (Please note showings to potential applicants are not considered site visits.)



Transparency – Our fees are posted in multiple places on our website, including on our Home page.

We answer our phone – When calling RPM Inc., you will directly reach our President / Owner, James Solitario. You will rarely reach his voice mail, unless he’s in a bad cell site or in a meeting / on the phone with another client. Additionally, we respond to most (non-emergency) emails the same day, and usually within a few hours.

Gross rents to owner – You receive the GROSS monthly rent amount directly from the tenants via etransfer, and we then invoice you monthly, which means you know exactly how much you will be receiving each month.

Licensed and insured professional service contractors / tradespeople – We avoid the horror stories because we don’t have tenants perform maintenance and repairs on your rental property for a discount on their rent – we engage local professional contractors in order to protect your investment.

Comprehensive property management – You’ll be a completely “hands-off” landlord, so you don’t get bogged down in the day-to-day minutia of managing your rental property, which means stress-free, drama-free investment property ownership for you.


When selecting PEI Property Management services, you want a professional company that is reachable, reliable and — most of all — responsive.

One of the most common reasons people reach out to us for help with their PEI investment property is that they can’t even get a return phone call or email from a contractor or service provider.

RPM Inc. has established relationships and works with pre-screened, reliable contractors and tradespeople that we can depend on, so you and your tenants can depend on us and we can ensure that scheduled maintenance and repairs are done on time and on budget, and that emergencies are handled in the most expedient manner possible.

Finding, screening and placing suitable tenants can be a time-consuming, frustrating and sometimes costly process for property owners as well. Leave it to us — we’ll use our streamlined tenant placement process to find you the right tenant.

Have questions regarding IRAC (Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission)? Not sure of the logistics of owning while living off-Island? New to owning a PEI investment property and didn’t anticipate having to hire a landscaping / snow removal service? Maybe you need assistance in navigating an organization that is affecting how your property is managed (such as a neighbourhood historical society, condo board, etc.)? When you’re our client, we can manage all of this for you — we take the stress and drama out of owning a PEI investment property so you can be completely at “arm’s length”.

Did we mention “drama free”?

RPM Inc. is available via phone, text or email for both its clients and tenants, with an average (non-emergency) reply time of under 24 hours. We’re ready to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have regarding your property or your tenant(s).

The most common response we receive from both owners and tenants after we address any maintenance issues is “Thanks for taking care of that so quickly!” – and that’s why both our owners and tenants love having RPM as their PEI Property Management Company of choice.

Whether you need assistance in locating a suitable PEI investment property, finding a qualified tenant, managing a residential or commercial property renovation with an experienced project manager, or need someone to fully manage your investment property, RPM Inc. can tailor its services to fit your specific requirements.

it’s 10pm: do you know where your tenant’s keys are?

What happens when your tenant has a plumbing leak, out-of-heat emergency, or loses their keys? No worries — we’ll answer the late night, weekend and holiday phone calls, texts and emails so you don’t have to.


We receive calls and emails on a regular basis from PEI investment property owners who – quite unfortunately – did not have a professional property manager in place, and are now in the middle of a disaster.

Fire, flood, bedbugs – you name it, we’ve heard it all from landlord owners who thought it would be cheaper to have a local family member, neighbour or unqualified third party “property managing” their rental (usually for free or “cheap”).

Why put your (very large) investment at risk by having an unqualified person “look after” your rental property, when property management services are so affordable, and having a professional property management company in place provides so many benefits?

Additionally, we’ve heard from many of our tenant clients that in situations where a family member or friend is “looking after” a property for the landlord, often repairs are not done and/or maintenance requests are not responded to, which again puts a landlord’s investment at risk and can lead to a vacant property. (It’s also why we get so many inquiries from tenants looking to move out of those types of self-managed rentals.)

Stressed & frustrated being a long-distance landlord?

We specialize in managing properties for off-Island, out-of-province and international clients and we’re always happy to discuss your specific requirements. (And again, our rates don’t change based on where you, as landlord, are located!)

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