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How do I contact you regarding my rental, or renovation project?

We promptly respond to email, text and phone inquiries. If you email, please provide the following initial information: your name, phone and e-mail contact.
As each person’s specific requirements are different, our owner (James Solitario) prefers to speak to those inquiring about our services via phone, so please let us know your phone number and the preferred time for him to reach you (i.e. after 9AM weekdays, only after 5PM, etc.).
Also, when emailing please include a brief description, including the location of the rental property or renovation project, and any other information you think would be helpful.

What are your fees?

We are firm believers in transparency, which is why we post our fees right on our website for your convenience.

Please note all fees are plus HST.

1/2 month rent for managed properties.

7% per month of the collected monthly rent.

Nominal 15% surcharge.

$50.00 per site visit in the Charlottetown, Stratford, Cornwall areas – all other areas please inquire. (Please note showings to potential applicants are not considered site visits.)

Please note: we don’t offer “a la carte” services (such as “just cleaning” or “just landscaping and rent collection”) – these services are provided within our comprehensive management of your property.

What’s included on the Rental Application?

Please view our Rental Application to view the required information we request from applicants wishing to rent a property.
We contact the Employment References on the application and confirm the information provided by an applicant, the previous Lessor (if applicable), and the personal references submitted by the applicant. A copy of the application is provided via email for the Lessor’s review and records.


How do I pay for your services?

Our monthly invoices are sent via e-mail. Most of our clients use Interac etransfer (a fully electronic transaction) to both receive their rental payments from the Lessee and to pay their management / services fees. This avoids any delays in waiting for checks to clear and the possibility of bounced checks. Please ask us or your financial institution about this convenient option. You also have the option of paying by check by mailing your payments to us.

Can you deposit rental payments into my account for me?

Monthly rent on YOUR investment property is YOUR money, and at RPM Inc. we make sure the rent goes directly to YOU, not to us. (We then invoice monthly for our management / services fees.)
Most of our clients receive their rental payments directly from the Lessee via Interac etransfers (a fully electronic transaction) – this means there’s no waiting for a check to be physically brought to the bank, deposited and then clear, and eliminates the possibility of bounced checks.
If a Lessee is paying the rent by check, we deposit it directly into your bank account as a third-party deposit, and we then send an email confirmation with a digital photo of your deposit for your records and accounting. Should a check be returned for any reason, you should notify us immediately to investigate the reason for the return and the necessary action to keep the account current.
Should you prefer, we can provide the post-dated rental checks to you and you can facilitate the deposit.

What happens if a rent check bounces?

You will be advised by your bank and the check will typically be returned to you via mail by your bank. You can present that check to us for replacement by the tenant; re-deposit (if this is an option); obtain cash; or seek an explanation from the bank. Any applicable bank charges can be collected and remitted to you as well.
Most of our clients are now using Interac etransfers (a fully electronic transaction) to both receive their rental payments and pay their management fees. This avoids any delays in waiting for checks to clear and the possibility of bounced checks. Please ask us or your financial institution about this convenient option.

When is a refund of damage deposit issued?

The Lessor is responsible for any refund of damage deposit within 10 days of vacate date and in accordance with IRAC regulations.

Who keeps the damage deposit if there is damage to my rental unit?

The damage deposit is held by the Lessor, any deductions to the damage deposit are documented, and any remaining balance is refunded to the tenant within 10 days, all in accordance with IRAC regulations.

Who signs the lease?

Whether you’re located on PEI or halfway around the world (as many of our clients are), we make it simple and easy to sign leases, contracts and documents by using electronic signature technology and Digital Transaction Management services.
All parties (Lessors and Lessees) are sent an email which includes instructions for electronically signing the lease, and any transaction (Management Agreement, service provider contract, work order approval, etc.) can be completed in just minutes.

How are routine repairs handled?

The tenants contact us directly by phone, text or email with any routine maintenance requests. At our property orientation that we perform with new tenants and during introductions to existing tenants, we instruct them to include in any requests the following information: their name; the location of the rental (including unit number if applicable); the specific nature of the issue (i.e. dripping cold water faucet in the bathroom, front burner on the electric stove, patio door screen, smoke detector in the master bedroom, etc.); the preferred phone contact (whether it be home, cell or work number) to discuss and coordinate the repair; and any other information they think would be helpful in resolving the issue.
Based on the nature and urgency of the request, we dispatch the proper personnel to respond to the issue (i.e. appliance repair, electrician, painter, cleaning service, plumber, boiler technician, landscaper, snow removal specialist, locksmith, security personnel) and document the issue, the status and proposed resolution.We can establish specific pre-approved protocol limits with our Lessors to enable prompt response and properly address these issues as they arise.

Can I request “No Pets”?

Yes you can. This information is posted in any advertising and in the lease documents.
Should you reconsider your “No Pets” preference, please be sure to advise us so we can update your file.