I would highly recommend RPM to anyone needing a property manager who can take care of business in the best manner possible!

We live in Switzerland so we are obviously not in a position to be able to deal directly with contractors for renovations and upgrades. After purchasing the cottage, we did many upgrades, including a new roof, total interior paint job of the entire cottage including new floors and a completely newly renovated bathroom.

All we had to do was choose the items online and Jim took care of the rest! The place is immaculate! We had no hassles whatsoever.

Another scenario that made me believe that Jim has secret magic powers happened in July. The morning which we were set out to leave Switzerland to go to PEI, i received an email from Jim regarding our washer and dryer. He mentioned that the cleaners noticed that they were damaged. He asked if I would consider getting new ones, which I did, since they were old.

I kid you not, we arrived in our cottage less than 24 hours after writing that email and the place was already fully set up with a new washer and dryer. I was shocked! So fast and efficient. I would have had serious issues without these devices…..

I found out later that he really went out of his way to make this possible as you normally have to order the machines beforehand. Don’t know how he pulled that off but from that moment on “Magic Man” was Jim’s new name to us! Lol!

Also for minor repairs around the cottage (broken bed spring, broken window screens etc. ) One email and he has someone on the spot fixing it a few hours later……

He is very serious, classy and responsive. My husband and I are convinced that he is the best you can get. I cannot imagine someone being more on the ball than Jim on that entire island!

Price-wise, he’s not cheap, but I always say “you get what you pay for”. I find that one always ends up paying more in the end, if one goes with the cheapest options. Living in Switzerland, quality is EVERYTHING! Jim has reflected this from Day 1.


Sandra and Mat M., Owners / Blooming Point, PEI