James is an incredibly important part of the success of my husband I being able to own an out of province property.

We have been extremely satisfied with James’ services and assistance in securing our tenants for our property. Our situation was a little different in that we also had renovations to do before we were tenant ready.

When we purchased it, much work needed to be done and James was invaluable in helping us analyze what had to be done and what could wait. He has wonderful access to competitive suppliers and products. During the renovation process James gave us fabulous reporting at the end of every day and called us immediately if anything new was uncovered in the process of the renovation.

I trust his judgement implicitly.

He worked tirelessly to help us get our property ready to rent. The important point here, is that if your property is ready to go that’s wonderful but if you should ever need repairs or service of any kind…James can always get all of it done for you.

When it came time to rent, James has a fabulous process for securing the right tenant and really fabulous validation process for them as well. We knew that our property would be protected with his scrutiny of potential tenants. He chose wisely and we couldn’t be happier.

The monthly fee James charges more than pays for our peace of mind.

To summarize:

incredible attention to detail,
committed care,
conscientious attitude,
excellent planning and follow through with pictures to support everything that is going on,
great advice,
wonderful connections to excellent contractors,
always available to answer a question,
incredible written documentation and unbelievable customer service.

We feel very protected and I am grateful for his amazing ongoing care. You cannot go wrong with a decision to secure James’ services.


Linda and Andrew Z., Owners / Charlottetown, PEI